19-Sep-2018Hayward, CA+18 milesItems Wanted
Wondering if a handy person can fix a hole in my bedroom wall and put up a curtain rod for me. I have failed. Thanks in advance
19-Sep-2018Hayward, CA+18 milesItems Wanted
Hi! Im looking for construction materials. Lumber, insulation, drywall, siding, flooring and so on. Thanks Hayward
19-Sep-2018Hayward, CA+18 milesItems Wanted
In desperate need of moving boxes and packing supplies. Anything will help! Thank you!!!
19-Sep-2018Hayward, CA+18 milesItems Wanted
Looking a guitar speaker cab that can handle 100 watts. Going to give a amp head to a friend I want to give him a cab too. Thanks! 2x12 4x12 1x12 any would be great
19-Sep-2018Foster City, CA+3 milesItems Wanted
Hello neighbors. We need some moving boxes. Do you have some?
19-Sep-2018Castro Valley, CA+18 milesItems Wanted
Hi - we're looking for a men's bike. If you have one in good condition that you're not using anymore, let me know:) Thanks!
19-Sep-2018Burlingame, CA+3 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I am looking for packaging peanuts. Any amount will be fine. Please let me know if you have some leftover. I ll be happy to pickup anytime. Thanks
19-Sep-2018Burlingame, CA+3 milesItems Wanted
If you're trying to make space in your garage and storage and have a bike/bikes that you don't need, I'll be willing to take it/them off your hands. Thanks!
19-Sep-2018San Lorenzo, CA+16 milesItems Wanted
My kids and I are getting in to surf fishing and maybe pier fishing. I'd love to get whatever gear I can for free until we know how committed we might be to the sport. Rods, reels, lures, any kind of tackle!
19-Sep-2018Belmont, CA+4 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a white queen duvet cover. Open to other colors. Thank you
19-Sep-2018Alameda, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
Hi, I'm looking for 3 ring binders for school. Any size is great! Much appreciated.
19-Sep-2018Alameda, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for those interlocking foam tiles that you & your kids are done with...need it for insulation/cushion under something I'm storing. (They don't gabe to be in the best condition) Could use 10-20 of them... Thanks!!
19-Sep-2018Alameda, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
My butt gets numb when I ride, so it was suggested that my seat must not fit me right. I have no idea what will fit better, so I d like to try out a few. If you have one you no longer need or use, I d love to have it. Thanks.
19-Sep-2018Alameda, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a seven-year-old and 12-year-old size life vest Universal ones (small with adjustable straps) would be great Any small lifevest would be a great start. Thank you so much!
19-Sep-2018Alameda, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
I m looking to raise a Bearded Dragon, but I need a proper tank. This is the recommended size, that being at least 70 gallons. I m very willing to do pickup.
19-Sep-2018Alameda, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a donation of anywhere from 1-3 long-to-mid-size outside-of-window balcony STARTER planter(s). In need of 3 but ANY number (from a single one & up) would be EQUALLY-WELL APPRECIATED! Thank you:)
19-Sep-2018Alameda, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
Our wireless router went out last Thursday...my kids are starting to mutiny. If you have one you'rr not using anymore they, and I would be most grateful. I am on the Island and can pick up most anytime. Thank you in advance for your generosity.
30-Aug-2018Los Altos, CA+19 milesItems Wanted
Hello all, I am looking for some rubiks cubes for my son anything is accepted like normals cubes, pyraminx, megaminx, square one. Thank you
30-Aug-2018Los Altos, CA+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for any size aluminum mini blinds in any condition (broken, dirty, etc. is fine) for an art project. Thanks!
30-Aug-2018Mountain View, CA+20 milesItems Wanted
Hi I m looking for plastic drawers. Thank you
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