Set of thirteen assorted face masks: 2x Innisfree Acai Berry (Limited Edition) (Korea) Innisfree Green Tea Facial Mask (Korea) Sephora Rose Lip Mask (USA) Vitamin E Earth Therapeutics (Korea) Retinol Earth Therapeutics (Korea) LuLuLun Precious - Extra Brightening White (Japan) (Contains seven masks) (regular price $15) Asking 35$ for all (averages to about $2.70/mask), OBO.
a super cute hair straightener, a travel size one. pick up in EV
Pan Corp PC-4000 2D Includes: 90 Day Warranty on Parts/Labor Acquisition PC with Imaging Software Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse D.O.M 2012
CMT Plus with Ceph arm by Imaging Sciences Unit is in excellent working condition. I recently purchased a CBCT.
The system is ready for clear aligners, IDB trays, designing appliances and so much more. Our lab purchased it a couple of months ago and used it less than a dozen times. The equipment was purchased it from Great Lakes Ortho. I have confirmed with them that the 4 year warranty and the 2 year license/subscription will be transferred to the new owner. Great Lakes will also provide continuing sup...
Gendex 8500 DDE 2D w/PC + Imaging Software Includes: 90 Day Warranty on all Parts/Labor Acquisition PC with Imaging software Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse Free Shipping in the USA DOM 2009
Candle, Soap, Lotions. Suitable for gifting. Or keep for yourself. Light the candle, take a bath/shower with the soap, and finish with some skin lotion. Buy this set along with my posting that has the Benefit brand bath mitt. I ll give a deal!
Bath Sponges / Scrunchies. I purchased the 6 pack from Amazon. I am using one so selling the 5 remaining. These are brand new!! Trying to get rid of stuff!
I'm moving out and it be a shame to throw away so expensive stuff ;) - Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein (Cake Batter) ~30 servings left - Optimum Nutrition BCAA (unflavored) ~20 servings left - Optimum Nutrition Creatine (unflavored) ~100 servings left They were all the largest size and I consumed about a half of each. Available for pick up in the EV
CLOTHING ORGANIZER $3 -Organizer with six compartments, -Color: black -Price: $3 -Terrific conditions -Very practical for organizing clothes and excellent for the closet of Escondido Village -Product dimensions: Width: thirteen " Depth: seventeen " Height: 49 " PLASTIC MAKEUP ORGANIZER $3 each 1 -You can keep your makeup tidy -Material: Plastic -price: three each one Pick up Escondido Village
Like new.